Freshwater fauna conservation

Every adult freshwater t-shirt sold donates to Wild for Taranaki

Streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands are a significant feature of the Taranaki landscape and crucial to the wellbeing of our region. These ecosystems provide Taranaki with fresh water for drinking, industry, waste treatment, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Our goal is to see the entire freshwater system flowing with healthy water which supports our community and native species by 2050. Wetlands will have been protected and restored across the region supporting populations of threatened and taonga freshwater species such as the elusive brown mudfish, long-finned eel, kokopu and Australasian bittern.   


To do this our members and the community are working together to achieve a regional goal "to restore the freshwater of Taranaki".   In addition to what is being achieved through individual projects we are working to learn from each other, make connections and lending a hand so we can achieve more. We are calling upon every single person in Taranaki to reduce the impact they have on the freshwater of our region and take action to protect and enhance these precious ecosystems. People are washing their cars on the lawn.  Neighbours are joining together to weed and plant their local streams. Schools are cleaning beaches. Hapu are monitoring water quality.  Farmers are completing their riparian fencing and planting.  Businesses are checking traps along riverside walkways. All actions makes a big difference. How are you going to be part of Restore Taranaki?