Gecko Conservation

Every adult Gecko t-shirt sold gives $5 to Remutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust’s conservation efforts. 


Below is a summary of the Remutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust’s ongoing conservation projects.

Gecko Conservation


Remutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation committed to protecting and restoring the unique flora and fauna of the Remutaka Forest Park located east of Wainuiomata, near Wellington, New Zealand. The Trusts mission is - “To protect and restore the natural vegetation and wildlife of the Remutaka Forest Park and to promote community understanding and appreciation of the Park” The Wellington Green Gecko is just one of the indigenous species that benefits from the Trusts several ongoing projects – Catchpool Restoration, Restore the Dawn Chorus and Kiwi Project. The pest trapping undertaken by both the Dawn Chorus and Kiwi Projects removes many of the predators affecting lizard numbers. The Catchpool Restoration project aims to give Nature a helping hand to speed up the reforestation of the hillsides with native plants and trees in order to quickly restore the original biodiversity of the area and to provide a healthy habitat for indigenous species of birds, lizards, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. To gauge the presence and density of geckos and lizards there are 10 tracking tunnels with inked tracking cards in the Catchpool area that are baited with honey or jam as a lure. The projects plant nursery is a favoured spot for Brown and Forest Geckos and Skinks.


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