Little Blue Penguin Conservation

We are so happy to be helping Forest & Bird project "Places for Penguins" by donating $5 from every adult little blue penguin tee sold.

Little Blue Penguins Donation Tumbleweed Tees

Make sure to read the great article written by Forest & Bird about our partnership!

Here is an idea of the great work this group does:

“Places for Penguins is an exciting, practical project developed to reverse the population decline of little blue penguins in Wellington.  We have the world’s smallest (and cutest!) penguins and we’d love to see more of them!

Little Blue Penguin Conservation

Working with volunteers since 2007, we are continuing to plant ‘penguin friendly’ coastal plants at Tarakena Bay, building nest boxes (aka Penguin Penthouses) and educating people about threats to little blues like car strike, dog attacks and marine pollution.”

Support the Places for Penguins and buy a little blue adult tee. 

To learn more about Places for Penguins or to volunteer visit the Forest & Bird website