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$5 from every adult dragonfly and adult longfin eel t-shirt sold is donated to the National Wetland Trust of NZ.

Here is a summary of the National Wetland Trust and the great work they do to raise the profile of our precious wetland ecosystems.

The National Wetland Trust is all about getting New Zealanders “into” wetlands – in both senses of the word. Making our stunning wetlands as accessible as our native forests, coasts and mountains will help change the past negative perceptions of these shy places. We’ve destroyed 90% of our wetlands, your purchase can help us save what's left and recreate more.


Photo: Karen Denyer, National Wetland Trust


Many wetland species are well-camouflaged and hidden, so we are thrilled that Tumbleweed Tees can bring them out of the shadows. Our feature animal, the giant dragonfly, represents the forgotten fauna that lives in our wetlands and waterways.

Our giant dragonfly (Uropetala carovei) is uniquely “Made in New Zealand” - this is the only place in the world you will find them. Their Māori name, kapokapowai, means "water snatcher", alluding to the water dwelling larva, which, like all dragonflies, has a long extendable jaw that shoots out to snatch prey. The adults have a beautiful yellow and black body as big as your hand. Uropetala can be found near waterways, but also in forests and scrub where damp seepages are wet enough for their larvae to burrow into.

To learn more about wetlands, visit us at Lake Rotopiko, an ancient peat lake near Hamilton, where you can enjoy our outdoor interactive discovery trail - play mudfish scrabble, eels and ladders and more.

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