Rimu Conservation

Every adult Rimu adult tee sold gives $5 to Forest & Bird.

The Rimu is one of New Zealand’s most incredible trees, both in its juvenile and mature state. Where these podocarps stand, particularly in their mature state, indicates a healthy forest.

2019 has been labelled a ‘megamast’ year - podocarps like the mighty Rimu have had a prolific fruiting/seeding season. Unfortunately, this leads to an increase in the numbers of predators for the mast year, and following year. 

Forest & Bird recognises Rimu as a significant species that requires protection,  providing shelter and food for many birds.

Forest & Bird is involved in practical projects to restore nature – trapping predators, removing weeds and planting trees. They defend nature in the courts and resource management processes. They advocate for better resourcing for the Department of Conservation so that it can be more effective in protecting our natural heritage. They are working hard to seek better protection for nature on private land. Read more here.

Help Forest & Bird to continue this work in protecting our forests and buy an adult Rimu t-shirt.