Kaka Conservation

Tumbleweed Tees is happy to be donating $5 from every adult Kaka t-shirt sold to KakawatchNZ. 

Kaka Tumbleweed Donation

Here is a summary of how KakaWatch operates.

"KakawatchNZ is a network of Kaka enthusiasts, observers and ornithologists who exchange information and kaka sightings in the interests of increasing knowledge about Kaka foraging preferences, behaviour and distribution in New Zealand.  Kaka sightings are reported via the website and these are used to understand the distribution of Kaka, particularly in the upper North Island and Auckland regions. (Although sightings are logged from all over New Zealand)."


Photo credit Andy McIntyre

"Many of the sightings reported come from the KakawatchNZ website emailed sighting reports. Other sightings are posted direct to the KakawatchNZ Facebook page .  Sightings are included in a distribution database and from this, distribution maps are created for the Auckland region, as time allows.

Kaka Conservation

Funds raised will go towards maintaining the KakawatchNZ network and research into the ecology and conservation of Kaka in New Zealand."

Show your support for NZ's chattering parrot and buy an adult kaka T-shirt. 

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