Maui's Dolphin Conservation

Every adult Maui's Dolphin t-shirt sold gives $5 to WWF-NZ.
The Maui dolphin is arguably New Zealand's most urgent conservation emergency.  With only around 60 Maui dolphins left in the coastal waters of the West Coast North Island, they are the most endangered marine dolphin in the world.  It's estimated that Maui are declining 3-4% per year and which will continue towards extinction unless human threats are reduced by 50-75% as soon as possible. If we don't do something soon, it will be too late.  
Image credit Silvia Scali
WWF-NZ is working to ensure the Government takes the necessary management action to save Maui dolphins from extinction and enable their recovery.  We provide analysis of the latest science, and we show them the pathways to solve problems and over come barriers to effective conservation.  We also work with other NGOs, scientists and leading fishing companies that are also working to save Maui dolphins. We can't let them disappear on our watch. 

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