Mōhua/Yellowhead Conservation

Every adult mōhua/yellowhead t-shirt sold gives $5 to Forest & Bird’s conservation efforts. 

Mohua Yellowhead

Once common in the South Island and on Stewart Island, this spunky little battler is now an endangered species. For several decades, the mōhua has had to battle it out with rats and stoats and compete with wasps for food.

To add to the mōhua's woes, over the past few years New Zealand has experienced some particularly warm summers, which scientists say we can expect more of as the climate heats up. The warmer weather increases the amount of available seeds, especially beech tree seeds. This causes a spike in predator numbers as mice and rats take advantage of the increased food supply and predators take advantage of all the mice and rats. 

When the predators run out of food, they inevitably turn to eating native birds such as mōhua, as well as their chicks and their eggs.

The fact that New Zealanders came out in droves to vote for this rarely seen little known bird speaks volumes about our desire to see these birds spread their wings, through restoration and pest control projects. Forest & Bird is working hard to protect the mōhua and all the other endangered native species that make New Zealand so special. 

Help Forest & Bird continue this great work and buy an adult mōhua/yellowhead t-shirt.